High Places.jpgKOR_4640 sm.jpgAKANG.jpgIMG_5779 4_600px.jpgHomeward Bound.jpg   d_170_Final.jpgAlaskan Sabre.jpg45M_Final.600.jpgAmelia@thegate2.jpgc16-ReflectionWeb.jpgc5- f-22 fight2.jpgthompson float plane on lake w refl cut sm.jpgYanks at Dawn.low.jpg_MG_7580small.jpg Dog Flight2.jpgBob1_sm.jpgStruck by Lightning.jpg trimotor2.jpgBob Thompson Cans Save the Day.jpgc11-HibernatingCubWeb.jpgAutumn, 1935.jpgSoft Phantom approach2.jpg Little John2.jpgEllis WACO lo-res2.jpgIditarod Air Force.jpg f-4e in clouds EPS2.jpgEvening Departure, 1935.jpg Duck prints2.jpg F-51 MUSTANG,YAK2.jpg


Welcome to the Art of Alaska where our stories paint pictures of our lives, stories that aren’t told anywhere else.

We hope the unique perspective of the work you see here helps you to find the art of Alaska the way

we’ve found it. For information about original works, please contact us at



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